Challenge: Parents Tag!!

So, I wanna join this Parents Tag challenge..
The 20 Questions are....

1. How many children do you have?
And how old are they?
   Still 1, she will be 2 yo this December.

2. What are your proudest and most frustrating moments as a parent?
   Pas ngajarin Eiffel ngaji, nyuruh dia duduk tapi tetep lari-lari. Kirain nggak akan ada yang nempel, ternyata bisa juga baca do'a tidur.

3. How do you discipline your child/children? 
   Selalu bilang MAKASIH, MAAF, dan TOLONG.

4. Do you co-sleep?
   Yes, soalnya seharian di kantor, jadi malem sampai pagi waktu bareng sama baby.

5. What is your one MUST HAVE piece of baby equipment?
   BLANKET, Eiffel suka banget ngelus-ngelus berbagai bahan selimut soalnya. Bukan buat nyelimutin dia, cuma buat dielus-elus aja.

6. Name one thing you bought before you had your baby and you never ended up using?
   Mmmm, nggak pernah beli apa-apa sebelum lahiran, masih jaman susah.

7. Have you always wanted kids? How many more do you plan on having?
   Kids make a family complete, a woman perfect, a man can stay at home.
   I want 4, just like my mom has.

8. Do you think your relationship with your spouse has changed since you had children? Better or worse?
   DEFINITELY laaaah.
   Better and worse, sering berantem gara-gara anak, baikan lagi juga karena inget anak.

9. Date night? How many nights (or days) per month?
   Only 1 night pas ulang tahun Mr I, itu pun cepet-cepet pulang karena ngerasa bersalah nggak bawa Eiffel.
   Let's plan it!

10. How is your relationship with friends since having a child?
   Hard to reply any WhatsApp chat,
   Skip every meeting with old friend,
   Cannot go without the baby stuck with me.
   Ah, my child is my friend now.

11. How many cars does your family have?
   Soooo many.
   We use UBER or GRAB CAR. LOL.

12. Dream vacation with your kiddos AND one without the kiddos?
   Arung jeram sama bocah kayaknya asyik juga. 
   Without the kiddos?? Aku masih pengen banget backpacker-an naik motor keliling pulau Jawa.

13. Where do you shop for your kids?
   Tokopedia and Indomaret, with so many promo!! Wohooooo....

14. Favourite mommy makeup and skin care products?
   Males makeup-an, skin care mah ke Dr. Kun aja.

15. Since becoming parents, do you notice you act more like your own mother (for mom) / father (for dad)?
   Nope, beda generasi sih.

16. Piercing a baby’s ear: do or don’t? 
   Since Eiffel turns 1 month, and she cries just 3 secs.

17. Bath or shower? (for you and child/children)
   BATH, Eiffel nggak suka air mengalir ke matanya, dan dia suka banget berendam walaupun cuma di ember dengan diameter 30cm.

18. Is mom back to her pre baby weight?
   I was 53kgs when I was single, now I'm 52kgs.
   Whahaha, dibanting emak yang lain!!
   But still, this belly can't hide.

19. College dreams: Do you expect your kids to go to college? Or would you let them decide for themselves?
   I'll let you choose, kids. Just be good.

20. Finish these sentences: “you know you’re a mom when you______?” “You know you’re a dad when______?”
   I know I'm a mother when I impersonate her, ujug-ujug bilang "Taka!", "Maaah, m'puk", "Jump, jump, jump", terus malu kalau ada orang yang ngeliatin.

That's the story of my parenting style.
What about you??


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