Challenge: Film Freaks!

Film Freaks Blogging Challenge

Are you a movie freaks? Having so much time to watch a bunch of film instead of taking shower? Same here, I love watching film, so my husband. Doing this Film Blogging Challenge never too old, isn't it? So, let's open your movie drawer in your brain and do this Film Freaks Challenge!

1. The Saddest Film?
I will have a long list for this question. I cry over Hachiko, Timeline, Pay It Forward, My Name is Khan, Ketika Cinta Bertasbih, Kramer vs. Kramer, even I cried when those orcs attacked Gondor in Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers. Ah, so melancholic. But, I always cry when I watch those Palestinian were attacked by Israelis soldiers. It's not a film, it's really happening.

2. The Worst Film You've Ever Watch?
I Love You Phillip Morris, I regret that I've ever watch this Gay Film, I wanna vomit now!

3. Your Favorite Actor and Actress?
Reza Rahadian and Audrey Hepburn, can't imagine if they meet. 😜

4. The Most Confusing Film?
I really can't get Interstellar and Gravity, and still keep asking why they got high rating. ?¿?¿

5. The Film That Makes You Laugh Out Loud?
That ATM: Er Rak Error definitely drives me crazy. I laugh from the starting till the end. Ice Preechaya and Chantavit were a perfect date in this Comedy Thai Movie.

6. The film that change your life?
I never think that Thailand can make an epic drama-family film until I watch Timeline. After watching this, I bought a bike, follow #Bike2Work movement and give my parents more. I know that the chance of paying back those bunch of kindness from our parents is now. Maybe there's no more 'Next Month' or 'Tomorrow', so I just call them more often, give them some of my salary, and help my brothers more. I think you should put this film to your watch list!

7. The Best Director?
Tim Burton, of course. That eccentric director fulfill a quarter of my childhood-film. Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, and so many fantasy films.

8. Your Favorite Quotes?
"We all have our time machine. Those that take us back are memories. Those that carry us forward are dreams." -The Time Machine.

9. Your favorite series?
Same as my favorite book series as I told you in Bookish Blogging Challenge, I really love Harry Potter. I had marathon-watched this serial from Sorcerer's Stone until Deathly Hallows about 4 times. I can watch it again, even just a trailer on YouTube, or just a New Year program on TV.

You know, I grew up with Harry Potter films, until the last series is out, I stop gain height. But still gain weight. Hahahaha..

10. Best Film in Every Genre?
Action: Ip Man
Adventure: Sanctum
Biography: Dangal
Comedy: Amélie
Drama: The Bucket List
Fantasy: Inside Out
History: Saving Private Ryan
Horror: 4Bia
Musical: Step Up 2
Mystery: Predestination
Politic: King's Speech, actually I don't like any politic genre
Romance: Jab Tak Hai Jaan
Sci-Fi: Avatar
Sport: Facing The Giants
Thriller: Saw

11. The Best Film in Your Country?
I think there's no many good film in Indonesia, seeing that Indonesia has so many writers with best-selling book. But, to arrange those stories into movies, Indonesia film industry hasn't been able to compete with International industry. But still, I have a list of best film in Indonesia, Radit dan Jani, Rumah Dara, and The Raid.

12. Underrated and Overrated Film?
Underrated: Befikre got 3.5/10, the plot is suck, but come on! Those dances are terrific!
Overrated: Spirited Away got 8.6/10, waste my time to watch!

13. The most beautiful scene?
I remember when I was 3rd grade, watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone with moving stairs, living painting, magical creatures, huge chessboard, delicious foods, and everything in that film was so magical and wow!!

14. The best-dressed film?
I want say 27 Dresses is the one, but not after I watched The Devil Wears Prada. Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep have numerous stylish fashion everyday. Just like every girl's dream!

15. The Film That You Watch More Than Twice?
Besides Harry Potter series that I watched 4 times, I also watch Titanic 6 times, 3 Idiots 4 times, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules 3 times.

16. A-Z Movie Title That You Like?
A for Ant Man
B for Bruce Almighty
C for Children of Heaven
D for Death Becomes Her
E for Exam
F for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
G for Ghost Ship
H for Hostel
I for In Time
J for Julie & Julia
K for Kingsman: The Secret Service
L for Life of Pi
M for Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon
N for Night at the Museum
O for Original Sin
P for Pink Panther
Q for Quantum of Solace
R for Rise of the Planet of the Apes
S for Shawshank Redemption
T for Train to Busan
U for Up
V for Vertical Limit
W for Wanted
X for X-Men
Y for Yes Man
Z for Zombieland

17. The film that you want to watch, but don't?
Inception, I feel too lazy to watch this film. But everybody says that this is a very cool film.

That's all.
It's quite refreshing to do this Film Freaks Challenge. If you wanna do this challenge, just copy that picture and paste it on your post. Let's see those cool movies out from your vision..

Hope you enjoy it. See yaa..

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  1. Really? U must spend much time to watch them all.. hahah

  2. I also watch Harry Potter many times as you. We're same wkwk


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