Love at The First Sight

Of course I do, because I love my mom since the first time I opened my eyes.
And this is the other love story that I had.

I remember the night I met him, August 2009.
I saw his black and soft skin.
He was unwanted by that girl.

Then I took him home. He was my roommate back then.
We used to spend our time together.
He accompanied my lonely life.
I played with him in spare time, we sang a song until dawn when I got insomnia, you captured what I did crazy.
I spent a day off sitten watching the film he offered, he knew that I love horror and sci-fi film.
I love every sound he made, every vision he showed to me, every cool technology that I'd just known.
He did my homework, managed my finance, taught me how to cook some cake with rice cooker.
He was always by my side when I was heart-beating to look my final score.
Then when I was tired and went to sleep before him, he watched me then slept beside me.
He's reliable and always there, for me.

The day came to me to leave him with someone. My dearest brother.
No choice, I couldn't leave him alone.
My brother loved you as I do. You two made an affair.
How dare you, the brother of mine?
You broke his heart and took his soul away.
Sadness was the only thing I felt. One-fiftieth of my soul flown away.
I tried to make him as well as before. But it wouldn't be the same again.
God took his soul, he's dead.
That was his body and his memory beside me.
Sorry, I can't save you, my life. But, I'll save your memory.
Love you, Mr. Gateway.

Here is Mr. Gateway..

Laptop Gateway
Mr. Gateway

P.S: Kisah nyata dari laptop pertama yang akhirnya rusak di tangan adik sendiri setelah dimainin 10 jam di atas kasur. Sampe sekarang masih nggak terima harus kehilangan seperlimapuluh jiwa.

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