Scrapbooking Supplies and Materials

Scrapbook Supplies and Materials are the priorities for making beautiful Scrapbook. As I made in Present for Myself: DIY Scrapbook which is inspired by "The Wimpy Kid Do-it-yourself book" by Jeff Kinney, I did the best effort for making my own scrapbook. But, the fact is, the scrapbook materials is the key for a durable and good looking Scrapbook. So, here I listed what you need for scrapbooking process:

1. Pens

Pens For Scrapbooking

More colors is better in scrapbook. And I got it from every kind of pens. I use crayons, color pencils, highlighter, glitter pens, pencils, permanent markers and ballpoints. Don't use whiteboard marker or fell-tip marker, it will get discolored as time goes by. And thanks to Mrs. Barokah Ruziati for giving me that 28-slots pencil case from her Giveaway.

2. Album

Album For Scrapbooking

I use this book for my Scrapbook. The best album that I found in Stroberi shop that has colorful and beautiful paper in every pages. So I don't need patterned papers nor Scrapbooking papers for my project.

3. Scissor and Adhesive

Scrapbooking Supplies and Materials

Scrapbooking is nothing but cutting and sticking. Of course, the sword of this project is a scissor. The adhesive is the keepsake for every pieces.

4. Ruler

5. Papers

Paper For Scrapbooking

You'll need papers, in every colors, in every motives, every size and thickness. So, don't throw away your wrapping paper. Save it for your future keepsakes.

6. Stickers

Stickers for Scrapbooking

I don't have a stack of emoticons like I have in my messenger. I can't do drawing or doodling. I have no printer for printing pictures from Google. So I decide to buy these stickers for extra decoration in my Scrapbook.

7. Ribbons

Ribbons For Scrapbooking

Ribbons are used in every gift, right? So, why you no use ribbons in scrapbook same as gift for yourself? Now, find a ribbon in the trash and stick it to your project.

8. Embellishments

Embellishments for Scrapbooking

Embellishments make scrapbooking go to the next level! There’s frames, flower embellishments, hearts, logos, clip arts, etc. Your page will be looking great just by these garbages. No, don't take it from your trash. Just cut it from newspaper or brochure, or everything!

So, from now on, keep every beautiful pieces from everywhere for your own scrapbook, and take a look! That's beautiful gift for your future!

P.S. Sorry for my bad English. :)

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